Biological weaponry for long-term control of weeds

When chemical, mechanical or other methods of control become ineffective, too costly or have an adverse environmental effect, then a biological control option becomes a suitable long-term solution.

Using the right spray volume is vital

Using the right spray volume is essential to ensure acceptable control. Applying too much is wasteful, and applying too little can mean having to go back to re-treat large amounts of regrowth.

Tordon® RegrowthMaster Herbicide – now with aminopyralid

Tordon RegrowthMaster is effective on wattles and provides 100 per cent control.

Tordon® RegrowthMaster Herbicide application rates

Use of Tordon RegrowthMaster on native vegetation must be done in accordance with STATE and/or LOCAL legislation. Mix only with water. Tordon RegrowthMaster will not mix with oil or diesel fuel. Only mix sufficient solution for immediate daily use and avoid storing diluted product.

Thinning for sustainable use

Productive native forest management is achieved only by providing trees with space to grow.

Tordon® RegrowthMaster Herbicide

A new weapon to control eucalypt and wattle regrowth has just been released.

Grazon® Extra Herbicide

In this case less to retreat. Generic formulations of picloram/triclopyr are based on the original Grazon® DS formulation. Now Grazon DS has been superseded with Grazon Extra, which contains triclopyr and picloram plus the new highly active product called aminopyralid.

Thinline application technique saves time and money

ThinLine Application is an application technique using Access Herbicide to treat saplings and regrowth less than 5 cm in basal diameter. The herbicide is applied mixed with diesel or Biosafe, a diesel replacement, to assist penetration through the bark. Always refer to the product label for details. The ThinLine Application method requires a mix of Access with diesel or Biosafe at a ratio of 1:9.