Technical Article

Tordon® RegrowthMaster – now with aminopyralid

No wattle worries

TordonRegrowthMaster is effective on wattles and provides 100 per cent control. Trials were conducted between 2008 and 2010 with application undertaken across a variety of dry, very dry and moist soil conditions and diverse growing conditions, which included active, slow and dormant.



Tordon RegrowthMaster provides better brown-out

Tordon RegrowthMaster also provided better brown-out one month after application than Tordon® DSH, even in very dry conditions.

Treatment depicted in the images below was carried out in dormant growing conditions and very dry soil moisture.



Two-thirds of the cost is labour

The cost of the chemical in a regrowth maintenance or tree thinning program is often the minor portion of the total cost.

Information gathered from a commercial application on thinning eucalypt regrowth carried out from 2009 to 2012 used 71 litres of Tordon DSH and cost labour at $32/hr, which indicated that the labour portion of the total cost was more than 65 per cent.

Why risk getting poor results with the wrong choice of product, when the labour cost of treatment is your biggest single expense?