Technical Article

Thinning for sustainable use

Productive native forest management is achieved only by providing trees with space to grow.

Tree health is influenced by competition – and the correct tree density levels that are critical to achieve this are influenced by species, size and growing conditions.



Thinning criteria

Space trees to approximately 7–7.5 m apart based on:

  1. Suitable species combination.
  2. Good quality such as a straight stem, reduced defects and reasonable diameter.
  3. Healthy crown, shape and dominance or at least co-dominance.
  4. In remnant vegetation retain the required numbers of ‘habitat’ trees prescribed in the ‘Forest practices code’.
  5. If commercially viable harvest productive trees.
  6. Thin/treat unsaleable stems with Tordon® RegrowthMaster Herbicide.


For more information read the ‘Native Forest Stand Management Guide – No1.’

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