Weed Control Resources

Weed Control Resources

We’re here to help you control woody weeds

Using more than 50 years of weed control knowledge, we have developed some resources for you to use to help you better control the weeds on your property and manage your land:

The Woody Weed Control Guide

The Woody Weed Control Guide is the essential handbook for controlling woody weeds on your property. It contains everything you need to know about what herbicide to use on what weed and is updated each year with the latest weed control knowledge to ensure that you can stay up to date with the most effective ways to manage weeds on your property.

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The Woody Weed app for tablets

The Woody Weed app for tablets has brought the latest thinking in weed control into the digital age. Whether you are at home or in the middle of a paddock.

The Woody Weed app for tablets gives you instant access to all the information you need to become a woody weed expert.

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The Rate Finder app for smartphones

The Rate Finder app allows you to match any herbicide to any weed, at any time. Instantly accessible from your smartphone or iPhone, the Rate Finder app will allow you to find the application rate of any herbicide that will get you the best results.

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Woody Weed Tech Sheets

The Woody Weed Tech Sheets contain all the information you need to treat individual weeds in your paddock. There is a tech sheet dedicated to each significant weed in Australia.

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The Woody Weed Helpline

Need some information on weed control? Contact the Woody Weed Helpline, available Monday to Friday during business hours to answer any questions you have on controlling woody weeds. Whether you’re in the shop trying to decide what herbicide treats which weed best, or in the paddock wondering what the best rate is to kill your target weed, the Woody Weed Helpline offers the support you need to find the answer.

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