Technical Article

Grazon® Extra Herbicide

You get what you pay for

In this case less to retreat. Generic formulations of picloram/triclopyr are based on the original Grazon® DS formulation. Now Grazon DS has been superseded with Grazon Extra, which contains triclopyr and picloram plus the new highly active product called aminopyralid.

Aminopyralid is an extremely active ingredient at relatively low concentrations. It has been proven to enhance the activity of Grazon Extra on weeds previously covered on the old Grazon DS label as well as an increased number of weeds that can now be controlled reliably with a single herbicide treatment of Grazon Extra.

According to Ross Watson, Consulting Agronomist, this represents great value: “Yes, on first appearances the generic looks like a good buy, with a saving of $200/drum”.

But in woody weed control programs, the decision of what product to buy “should not be based on the cost of a drum of chemical” but on the reliability of results that can be achieved at recommended rates of application. “The cost per drum is a misleading measure of results,” says Watson. “From my experience, the reliability of results is paramount when one commits to a woody weed control program, often in difficult terrain, during the summer months.”

Your labour and time is a bigger cost

According to Watson, “For a typical woody weed spraying job, the time and labour costs account for more than 50 per cent of the cost of treating woody weeds and is often 60 to 70 per cent of the treatment cost.”

Why Grazon Extra?

  • You will need a third less Grazon Extra than generic picloram/triclopyr to do the job.
  • The aminopyralid in Grazon Extra provides you with more control.
  • You will spend less time in the paddock in the long run.

Grazon Extra v Generics Grazon Extra = Less Retreating