Wandering jew control

Access all the information needed for control of this noxious weed, including weed identification, herbicide application and spray timings.


Wandering jew description

Wandering jew identification

Wandering jew (Tradescantia fluminensis) is a highly invasive ground-growing, creeping succulent plant. This rapidly growing weed is generally found in areas that are moist and shady. It will out-compete native vegetation by smothering the ground using its roots sent out from each node.

The glossy leaves are dark green and oval-shaped to a point, growing between 5 and 10 mm long. This weed has small white flowers that have three petals and usually grow 7–10 mm long, with several bright yellow-orange pollen-covered anthers atop its stamens. The flowers are produced mainly in spring and are found in small clusters at the tips of brittle succulent branches.

Wandering jew has been found to cause allergic skin reactions in dogs and rapid death when consumed by cattle.

Wandering jew control

Controlling wandering jew

Wandering jew is not a prohibited weed under the Biosecurity Act 2014 but by law individuals have a responsibility to take steps to minimise the risks associated with this weed. Do not leave any pieces of the weed when removing as regrowth from small branches can occur easily.

Herbicides are a preferred method for controlling this invasive weed. However, hand pulling is effective but is very labour intensive; it is possible to rake the weed into piles that can be picked up and removed. Note that chooks usually devour this weed.

Herbicides for control of wandering jew

Product#Method of applicationRate*State
Starane® Advanced Herbicide Foliar spray 900 mL/100 L of water All

# Note: Preferred product option in bold.  * Consult label for details of growth stage and use, especially where range of rates is given.

Treatment timing

Timing for wandering jew

Starane® Advanced Herbicide
Key: Best time to spray/treat Can spray/treat if conditions are suitable Do not spray/treat