How to kill Paterson’s curse

Access all the information needed for control of this noxious weed, including weed identification, herbicide application and spray timings.


Paterson’s curse description

Paterson’s curse identification

Paterson’s curse typically grows to around 60–150 cm in height, often featuring multiple branched stems arising from the plant base. The stems themselves are covered in coarse hairs, as are the thinner leaves protruding from the stem.

The flowers on Paterson’s curse are predominantly purple, 2–3 cms long and shaped like trumpets, with two thin stamens protruding from the end of the flower tube.

Paterson’s curse control

How to kill Paterson’s curse

For small patches or limited infestations, where labour is not a limiting factor, manual removal of the plant is a highly effective method of control. Vigilant II can also be used, applied to 50% of the leaves.

For large, well-established infestations it is advisable to use Stinger at a mix rate of 10 g/100 L of water with surfactant (an organic compound). Grazon Extra can also be used at rate of 2.5 mL/1 L of water with a foliar spray.

Herbicides for killing Paterson’s curse

Product#Method of applicationRate*State
Tordon® 75-D Herbicide Foliar spray 150 mL/100 L of water NSW, Qld, Vic, WA
Grazon® Extra Herbicide Foliar spray 250 mL/100 L of water All
Colex-D® Herbicide Foliar spray 445 mL/100 L of water All
Colex-D® Herbicide Boom application 1.5 L/ha All
Fallowboss® Tordon® Herbicide Boom application 4 L/ha SA
Vigilant® II Herbicide Leaf wiping Apply neat: to 50% leaf area All

# Note: Preferred product option in bold.  * Consult label for details of growth stage and use, especially where range of rates is given.

Treatment timing

Timing to kill Paterson’s curse

To get the best results, ensure you treat when Paterson’s curse is actively growing. This will ensure maximum uptake of the chemical into the root system.

Grazon® Extra Herbicide
Vigilant® II Herbicide
Key: Best time to spray/treat Can spray/treat if conditions are suitable Do not spray/treat