How to kill lantana

Access all the information needed for control of this noxious weed, including weed identification, herbicide application and spray timings.


Lantana description

Lantana identification

Lantana is a heavily branched shrub that can grow as compact clumps, dense thickets and as a scrambling and climbing vine. The stems are square with small, recurved prickles along the edges. The leaves are bright green above, paler beneath, about 6 cm long, with rounded, toothed edges. Leaves grow opposite one another along the stem.

Flowers appear most of the year in clustered compact heads about 2.5 cm in diameter. Flower colours vary from pale cream to yellow, white, pink, orange, red, lilac and purple. Many lantana forms are poisonous to livestock. The toxic components in lantana include the triterpene acids, lantadene A (rehmannic acid), lantadene B and their reduced forms. Most cases of lantana poisoning occur in animals newly introduced into areas where toxic lantana grows. Animals bred on such country rarely show signs of poisoning.

Lantana control

How to kill lantana

Lantana is a weed of national significance and is identified as being invasive, having the potential for widespread environmental, social and economical damage. Landowners and land managers at all levels are responsible for actively managing this weed.

The best time to treat for control of lantana is from December through to April, although if conditions allow treatment can be as early as October or as late as July.

Recommended treatment is with Grazon Extra using a foliar spray application at a rate of 350 or 500 mL/100 L of water. This method can used in any Australian state or territory.

Herbicides for killing lantana

Product#Method of applicationRate*State
Grazon® Extra Herbicide Foliar spray 350 mL/100 L of water + adjuvant All
Grazon® Extra Herbicide Foliar spray 500 to 750 mL/100 L of water All
Starane® Advanced Herbicide Foliar spray 300 or 600 mL/100 L of water All
Colex-D® Herbicide Foliar spray 445 mL/100 L of water All
Trezac® Arylex® active Herbicide Foliar spray 200 mL + 300 mL Starane® Advanced/100 L of water All
Access® Herbicide Basal Bark and Cut stump 1:60 with diesel or Biosafe§ All
Garlon® 600 Herbicide Basal Bark and Cut stump 1:60 with diesel distillate All
Grazon® Extra Herbicide Aerial (helicopter only) 1.5 L plus 6 L/ha Amine 625 ACT, NSW, NT, Qld
Grazon® Extra Herbicide Aerial (helicopter only) 10 L/ha ACT, NSW, NT, Qld
Vigilant® II Herbicide Cut stump Apply neat: 3–5 mm layer All

# Note: Preferred product option in bold.  * Consult label for details of growth stage and use, especially where range of rates is given.  § Biosafe – trademark used under licence, Victorian Chemical Co Pty Ltd.

Treatment timing

Timing to kill lantana

Lantana should be sprayed when the plant is actively growing. This usually occurs between December and April.

Starane® Advanced Herbicide
Grazon® Extra Herbicide
Trezac® Arylex® active Herbicide
Access® Herbicide
Key: Best time to spray/treat Can spray/treat if conditions are suitable Do not spray/treat