If you’re looking for help to manage your property, specifically weeds, then this site provides you access to the right information and tips on how to avoid costly pitfalls.

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It’s your land – let’s manage it

In Australia, settlement and habitation has sometimes come at the expense of a reduction in wildlife corridors, the fragmentation or remnant vegetation and the risk of ecologically significant flora and fauna.

Whether you’re a small farmer or farming as a hobby, managing a paddock for horses or just enjoying a different view some distance from your neighbours, you have an important role as a land manager.

Challenges to managing your land

The challenges to managing your land can be many.

They include:

  • Controlling infestations of weeds and pest animals
  • Managing for bushfire
  • Maintaining the ambience of your lifestyle
  • Managing land for farming
  • Preserving natural resources.

No matter what your motivation for living on acreage you’ll find information and tools here that can help you control weeds and manage your precious resource.

We’ll help you navigate your way

We have 50 years’ experience in helping land owners get the best from their land. We’re here to help you too.

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Woody Weed Control Guide


Use the controls at the bottom of the page to get the most from this useful new tool from the Woody Weed Specialists.

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We’re here to help you control woody weeds

We have developed some resources for you to use to help you better control the weeds on your property and manage your land.