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Access more than 50 years of weed knowledge

Woody weeds choke our waterways, strangle and smother our native vegetation and rob our farmers of valuable land.

Imagine having access to all woody weed control resources in one convenient online location.

The Woody Weed Portal from the Woody Weed Specialists is the hub for all technical resources for information on the control of woody weeds.

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Customise weed sheets and 3 cycle plans

We know it’s important that your customers are calling you when they need advice on woody weed control on their properties.

That’s why we have created a tool that allows you to customise a Corteva Agriscience technical weed sheet with your own contact details in three easy steps:

  • Select the weed type
  • Confirm your details
  • Download and print.

You can create as many customised weed sheets as you like depending on the season or the prevalence of weeds in your area.

Woody Weed Control Guide


Use the controls at the bottom of the page to get the most from this useful new tool from the Woody Weed Specialists.

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We’re here to help you control woody weeds

We have developed some resources for you to use to help you better control the weeds on your property and manage your land.