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Get guaranteed results backed by a performance guarantee

Dow AgroSciences and Grazon Extra will stand with you with the new Grazon Extra Guarantee.

Grazon Extra Performance Guarantee

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When used in accordance with label instructions, Grazon Extra will achieve greater than 90 percent control [of woody plants] two years following application of product:

  • When applied by high volume foliar spray technique.
  • When correct operating equipment is used for the foliar spray application (i.e Knapsacks and 12 volt sprayer equipment are not suitable for control of woody plants like blackberry and lantana greater than 60 cm high).
  • Under suitable growing conditions (i.e actively growing, non-stressed plants).

Where Grazon Extra does not achieve this level of control, taking into account the circumstances of use and verification that label instructions have been followed, Dow AgroSciences will offer a one-time full product replacement.*

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Product replacement guarantee terms and conditions

*As conditions may vary from property to property, performance characteristics of product may vary. Dow AgroSciences Australia Limited shall not be liable for any loss or damage or non-performance or under-performance of product as a result of use/application under abnormal conditions or contrary to label instructions. *The one-off product replacement represents Dow AgroScience’s total liability and landowner’s exclusive remedy arising from the use of the Product.